Saturday, January 28, 2012

Church Activities

As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ, I have had many oppurtunities to be of service to other people. I have been a primary teacher (twice), Elders quorum secretary, Ward Family history consultant, Stake Family History Consultant, Family History Librarian (ten years), financial clerk (three times), membership clerk, and my present calling as a Ward Clerk. My favourite callings have been involved with doing Family History Work.

 I have had the oppurtunity to help out in a number of community service projects put on by Church Members.
  • This includes being part of food drive for our local Food Bank. The members would distribute flyers on an assigned route into the community to tell when we would be out picking up the food. On the specified day to pick up the food, we would then go out  in our same assigned routes, pick up the food, and drop the food off at the church.  We would the food  onto the Food bank trucks.
  • The members in our ward (local church unit) have also assisted in volunteering for building houses for Habitat for Humanity. This was of interest to me, especially when one of those houses they were assisting to build was my house. We spent one Saturday to assist in the construction. Much was accomplished that day.
Life itself has had its fare share of trials and problems. The church and the gospel is like the glue which has kept things put together. The amazing thing is that I am still happily married to my wife of 26 years. I have been able to view things on a more eternal perspective. Some challenges can be resolved now while other problems may need to be resolved after this life is over.

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